An organizational commitment to animal health and well-being is a vital first step in developing an effective pre-harvest food safety program, according to Evan Chaney, PhD, Director of Food Safety Microbiology at Diamond V.

“Once the commitment is there,” Chaney says, “then we can see that action manifest through effective management programs, including biosecurity practices, sanitation programs, data collection and analyses, and utilization of current science-based knowledge.”

Dr. Chaney participated in the annual meeting of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), held earlier this month in Salt Lake City, Utah. Diamond V’s Kevin Corizzo interviewed him as part of the company’s monthly video series "Diamond V at 75: Immune Strength for Life," which celebrates the company's history in the animal, feed, and food industries and highlights its scientific research, technical expertise, and vision for the future. Diamond V has more than 75 years of experience helping farmers and food companies feed people safely and responsibly.

Dr. Chaney adds that with organizational commitment to animal health and well-being and management programs in place, then direct intervention technologies can approach maximum efficacy.


“Over time,” he says, “this reduces environmental pressure and infection pressure within live animal production, and makes management programs more effective.”

The "Diamond V at 75" video series continues throughout 2018 with on-site interviews with Diamond V experts at major industry events.

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