Cargill released details of its expansion plans in Latin America, a market in which the meat company plans to strengthen its presence through investment and expansion of its operation centers. The main purpose of this expansion is to solidify the production lines of meat for human consumption by 2020.

In Central America, the company has presences in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Cargill’s most recent market is Colombia, where the company acquired Colombian poultry brand Pollo Bucanero last year. 

In the following years, the company contemplates projects to increase production capacity in Honduras and Colombia, and opening a new distribution center in Costa Rica. Cargill estimates that in the following years it could make approximately US$20 million per country. 

“We plan to invest more in the region for the next few years,” said Xavier Vargas, president of Cargill Proteína Latinoamérica. "This means that we are very focused on continuing to meet the demands of our customers in a market that evolves every day. We will apply all the necessary actions to continue offering high quality products that are prepared under efficient systems."

Recently, Cargill opened a new processing plant in Nicaragua with which it increased its capacity by 50 percent. Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, the company is working on the opening of a new distribution center. Also, Cargill increased its production capacity in Honduras.

Plans for the new Colombian market

In Colombia, the company will open a new distribution center in Ibagué in Tolima department. 

In addition, the company will invest US$4 million in industrial safety projects, and will allocate US$1.8 million in the expansion of equipment in the hatchery plant. Other considerable investments will be allocated to make improvements in the rendering plant, the feed mill, the drinking water treatment plant and the breeders plant. 


In Central America and Colombia, Cargill has 21 brands with which they offer fresh chicken and ready-to-eat meat and poultry products for family consumption.


Xavier Vargas, president of Cargill Proteína Latinoamérica | Courtesy of Cargill

Focused on ready-to-eat products

Meanwhile, the company is also focused on developing ready-to-eat products. In this line, Cargill is using more practical and resealable packages to allow the consumer store the food in a safer way. 

“Last year, we made an investment in the Kimby Plant in Costa Rica of US$5 million and this has allowed us to supply the entire region with value-added products. The same case with cold cuts, we have plants in Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Colombia producing this ready-to-eat meat and poultry products,” explained Vargas.

More than 15,000 people are employed by Cargill in Central America and Colombia.

“We aim to prosper with our people, customers, suppliers and communities so that together we can achieve our goals,” Vargas added.