Poultry farmers in Bangladesh asked the government to reduce poultry feed and chick prices rather than increasing imports to control rising prices, The Daily Star reported.

The farmers also protested against the government's move to ease import restrictions on eggs as a cost control. Requests were backed with a threat to stop buying chicks for further production until prices are lowered.


According to the farmers, cost per broiler chicken is now between BDT55-BDT65 (US79 cents-US94 cents) compared to BDT25 (US36 cents) a month ago. Similarly, each layer chicken, which sold for BDT35 (US50 cents) last month, now costs BDT75 (US$1.09).

The poultry producers urged the government to lower and fix broiler feed and layer feed at BDT23 (US33 cents) and BDT20 (US29 cents) per kilogram, respectively. Current prices are BDT28 (US40 cents) for broiler feed and BDT24 (US34 cents) for layer feed.