In the last few weeks of August, Mountaire will once again be distributing backpacks and supplies to the children of our employees and growers in time for the upcoming school year. The company's goal is to help parents better equip their children for the academic year by providing them the tools for a strong start in the fall. This year, over 11,500 backpacks with supplies will be given to Mountaire families.

Children in grades K-5 and 6-12 will be given a Mountaire Farms backpack with age appropriate school supplies inside. Grades K-5 will receive backpacks containing the following: a box of crayons, pencils, glue sticks, erasers, a 2-2 pocket folder, a 1-inch binder, and wide leaf paper. Grades 6-12 will receive backpacks containing: a pack of pencils, highlighters, ink pens, index cards, a 2-2 pocket folder, a 1-inch binder, and loose leaf paper.


Mountaire supervisors have worked hard over the last several weeks to ensure that each employee will have the opportunity to receive these supplies for their children. The success of last year’s program can be attributed to the dedication of the team as they organized and implemented this vast undertaking, giving out over 8,800 backpacks last year. Expansions in the company's facilities and adding grower families account for the exponential increase in this year’s numbers.

After receiving the supplies, volunteers at Mountaire's processing plants in Selbyville, DE, and Lumber Bridge, NC, as well as our corporate headquarters in Little Rock, AR, will pack the supplies into each bag before shipping them to various Mountaire locations in Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia for distribution.