HatchTech is pleased to announce a new agreement with its Germany-based customer, Optibrut GmbH, to install two HatchCare Chick Storage Rooms at the company’s hatchery in Nordhorn, Lower Saxony. The installation will allow Optibrut to store 276,000 newly-hatched chicks in excellent conditions, providing them with feed, water, light and fresh air.

For day-old chicks to be able to thrive, it is also crucial that the facilities where the birds are stored provide the right environmental conditions for their wellbeing and development. Specifically, chicks should maintain an ideal body temperature of between 104 and 105°F. If this temperature rises any higher, the chicks begin to experience heat stress and are at an increased risk of dehydration. The HatchCare Chick Storage Room is carefully designed to deliver the specific ambient temperature and uniform airflow chicks need to experience outstanding development and superior quality. Furthermore, the HatchCare Chick Storage Room allows the chicks to eat or drink whenever they want.

Optibrut launched its hatchery operations in late 2017. The company is equipped entirely with HatchTech products, including setters, ventilation, cooling and heating systems, and a HatchCare hatcher providing feed, water and light. Through the hatcher, newly-hatched chicks have immediate access to feed and water, resulting in stronger and healthier day-old chicks.


According to Wim van der Vegte, Managing Director at Optibrut, the addition of the HatchCare Chick Storage Rooms represents a logical choice for the company. “The investment in providing light, feed and water for the chicks during their storage period is a natural step for us,” he explains. “We already provide our chicks with the basic necessities of life post hatch with our HatchCare hatcher equipment, and we want to continue supporting these basic needs during storage. By ensuring the birds have the perfect storage environment, including having access to feed and water, we allow ourselves greater flexibility in terms of our transportation times.

During hot weather, we can easily undertake production at whichever time of day we like, place them in the new storage rooms, and ship them to farms at the best possible time.”

Michiel van Veldhuisen, International Sales Manager at HatchTech, adds, “We are proud that Optibrut is completing its hatchery process by implementing the HatchCare Chick Storage Room solution. The company has already experienced the benefits of early feeding as a result of our HatchCare hatcheries, and we are delighted that it can continue to do so with our storage rooms.”