Pharmgate L.L.C., a leading global animal health organization, and Devenish Nutrition L.L.C., a provider of nutrition services and products for livestock animals based in Fairmont, Minnesota, have formed a partnership to bring pharmaceutical products to the poultry industry in the United States. As part of the partnership agreement, Devenish will be the exclusive distributor of Pharmgate poultry pharmaceutical products in the U.S.

“This is another great moment for Pharmgate and our mission to bring high-quality pharmaceutical products to the poultry producers and veterinarians,” said Doug Rupp, vice president of Pharmgate’s Pharmaceutical Group. “We are excited to be partnering with Devenish.”

Pharmgate Animal Health’s poultry pharmaceutical range includes a combination of feed and water-soluble chlortetracycline products that help give producers control of their operations against a wide range of disease.


“Our commitment to product quality and cost-conscious operational approach combined with Devenish’s poultry nutrition and marketing expertise will be a great example of how a partnership can be formed to meet the everyday needs of the producers and veterinarians,” Rupp said.

Additionally, the combination of Pharmgate’s product range and Devenish’s experience and influence in the industry makes the partnership a win-win-win for both organizations, and the industry.

“We feel the partnership with Pharmgate helps us add more solutions to the ever-changing production needs of our customers”, said Maury Ore, director of poultry for Devenish Nutrition. “Devenish Nutrition currently has a staff of 10 poultry nutritionists working in the broiler, turkey and layer markets. We also have a poultry veterinarian and sales team calling on the poultry industry. The Pharmgate partnership will offer a nice pipeline of products in the future for Devenish and the industry.”