For a decade, the Ag Innovation Showcase has tackled new and persistent problems faced by the food and agriculture industry during a 3-day event that explores viable solutions to these problems. This year Livestock Water Recycling, Inc., the market leader in nutrient recovery, has been invited to present on-stage.

“This year we are featuring companies who are focused on precise plant nutrition solutions and we were very pleased to have the strongest applicant pool we’ve ever had,” says Elizabeth UI, Senior Programs Associate, Agricultural Practice, with Larta Institute. “A Selection Committee comprised of industry leaders, investors and agriculture thought leaders was impressed with LWR’s precision approach to nutrient management and plant nutrition and offered LWR one of only 14 presenting slots.”

LWR will use its time on stage to highlight its platform as well as the ongoing product development that has positioned the company as the clear market leader in nutrient recovery. “The future of agriculture will use high tech, precision agriculture devices to allow healthier and more plentiful food to be produced more sustainably and ethically than ever before,” says Karen Schuett, Co-Founder of LWR. “Consumers are demanding transparency and sustainability and large food companies are answering the call by increasing their focus on finding technologies like ours that can provide this for them,” she adds.

This year’s Showcase will explore how precision agriculture and farm data aggregators can incorporate soil and plant diagnostics to get smarter about nutrient recommendations as well as ways to increase transparency across the food chain. “Our panels, presentations, spotlights and networking have charted the arc of innovation in agriculture and food: exploring biofuels, biomaterials, biotechnology, animal health, alternative proteins, new sources of food and the future of agriculture and agtech.”

Science, technology and consumers’ evolving preferences are combining to pose great challenges to the entire food value system. This year’s showcase will present solutions from producers of fertilizers, biologicals, seeds, and plant health promoters (biostimulants).

“We are excited to be a part of the Showcase and to have this opportunity to present our technology platform to this incredible audience of ag influencers. We look forward to sharing the exciting new tech developments that we have been working on at our Innovation Center.”

Livestock Water Recycling is the global leading in manure treatment technology. The LWR 2 is a patented technology platform that allows precision application of nutrients for increased crop yields. The system also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, concentrates and segregates nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and delivers a renewable, high-quality clean water source.

The Ag Innovation Showcase will take place in St. Louis, MO at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center on September 10-12.