Delacon, world leader in phytogenics, appointed the international poultry expert, Francisco Dias as new Customer Technical Service Manager Poultry based in the UK. He will be involved in product development and as a technical support for customers and distributors worldwide. Furthermore, Francisco will execute, analyze and report new trials for poultry.

“I truly believe that phytogenic feed additives are a natural alternative for livestock producers used as natural performance enhancers in animal performance. Phytogenics should not only contribute to profitable poultry production and superior quality of animal products, they also should satisfy food safety and environmental regulations”, says Francisco about the core activity of Delacon.


Francisco has already more than 12 years of experience in the poultry industry. He worked for Brasil foods (BRF) in Brazil as poultry health manager, and as a global poultry consultant for Vetworks in Belgium. His previous collaboration in the poultry industry was as Corporate Product Manager for HIPRA in Spain. After his graduation in Veterinary Medicine in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Francisco completed two post graduate diplomas in poultry science in Brazil at Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU), and in Scotland at the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC). Last year he graduated a PGDip in Marketing at Anglia Ruskin University from Cambridge, UK.

“With Francisco Dias we won an international expert whose passion for phytogenics and poultry is coming all together in this position. So, he’s the perfect guy for the job, because through his experience he can give the best technical support to our customers especially for products that support poultry health”, states Jan Dirk van der Klis, Species Leader Poultry and Director of Product Development & Innovation.