Coleman Natural Foods, a pioneer in the natural meat movement, announced that all of its pork production is now third-party verified, 100% crate-free, including both for gestation and farrowing. Coleman Natural is the first national retail brand to fully implement the new crate-free standards with USDA approval and verified by a third party. Coleman Natural has earned American Humane Certification that provides further assurance of third-party audits and greater transparency of pork production. The progressive welfare practices are established at every step, from sows to transport and harvesting to help ensure a higher quality of life for more than 300,000 pigs and 13,000 sows raised for Coleman Natural each year.

“Part of the Coleman Natural promise is doing things the right way, which isn’t always the easy way,” said Bart Vittori, vice president and general manager of Coleman Natural. “We believe everyone should have access to quality, crate-free, no-antibiotics-ever pork that comes from pigs raised to a higher standard. From Wall Street to Main Street, Coleman Natural products are made for consumers who demand better, premium proteins for their families.”

“I applaud Coleman Natural for eliminating all crate confinement for their sows and encourage others in the pork industry to follow this lead,” said Josh Balk, vice president of farm animal protection at the Humane Society of the United States. “Consumers now, more than ever, are voicing their support for better treatment of farm animals.”


The American Humane Certification covers every phase of production, including the farm, transport and treatment at the harvest plant. “For more than 125 years, Coleman Natural has been pursuing higher standards for animal welfare, and the American Humane Certification is one more step in that journey,” said Vittori. “By incorporating the globally accepted Five Freedoms first developed in Europe by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, American Humane goes beyond the basics of food and shelter. That is something our customers, consumers and farmers value.”

Coleman Natural, a leader in no-antibiotics-ever proteins, works with family farmers who share the company’s commitment to raising animals “the way nature intended.” “We don’t believe farm animals should be fed animal by-products or raised in an environment that requires antibiotics to keep them healthy,” said Vittori.