Miller Poultry’s plans for a hatchery renovation and expansion in Goshen, Indiana, has received approval from the Goshen Board of Zoning Appeals.

According to the request made to the board, Miller Poultry is seeks to expand the existing hatchery with up to 33,340 square feet of additional building space. The project is planned to be completed in eight phases, reported the Goshen News. The first six phases will involve additions to the primary structure, while the other two phases will include enclosing an existing lading dock and construction of a 9,600 square-foot steel accessory structure.

The company also is also adding pavement for about 20 new parking spaces, as 14 existing parking spaces will no longer be there due to the facility expansion.

The existing hatchery has been at its current location since the late 1940s.


Once the improvements to the hatchery are made, it will have the capacity to set 1.1 million eggs on a weekly basis.

Miller Poultry’s plans to expand were earlier announced in January by Pas Reform, which is installing 27 technologically advanced SmartPro NF setters, accompanying hatchers and supporting ventilation in the renovated hatchery.

A family business since 1942, Miller Poultry processes all-vegetable fed, raised without antibiotics broilers that have been raised on small Amish family farms. It is the 25tht largest broiler company in the United States, according to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, having produced 2.70 million pounds of ready-to-cook chicken on a weekly basis in 2017, which was nearly double the amount it processed in 2016, when it ranked 31st among the nation’s top poultry companies.

The Miller Poultry hatchery expansion project follows an announcement made by the company in 2017, which revealed that Miller Poultry is growing by beginning its own breeder operation, entering contracts with more growers and adding a second shift to its poultry plant in Orland, Indiana.