HatchTech and Charmfre signed an agreement to build a new turn-key broiler hatchery in South Korea. The hatchery will be situated in the Gunsan area and has a capacity of 1.5 million eggs per week. HatchTech will deliver the entire package of incubation solutions – from setters and hatchers to heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Charmfre is the second-largest integration in Korea. Ganong is one of its subsidiaries, and it will be responsible for the new hatchery. Chairman Kim explains why the company chose HatchTech’s concept: "We looked at the results from another HatchTech hatchery here in Korea, Cherry Bro, and were really impressed. During the whole incubation process, the temperature was very consistent, resulting in outstanding chick quality. After seeing the results, we were certain we wanted to implement HatchTech’s incubation technology in our new hatchery.”

Chairman Kim is referring to HatchTech’s laminar airflow concept in the incubator. This airflow is created using specially designed perforated radiators. Those radiators create pressure differences in the incubator and divide the air into a stream of parallel air layers. This technique ensures that the airflow is exactly the same at every location in the machine and that the optimum temperature is supplied to each egg, resulting into superior and highly uniform chick quality.


Marc de Visser, International Sales Manager HatchTech: "Charmfre and HatchTech both have years of experience in broiler production. It’s great that our solutions will be implemented in the hatchery of Charmfre’s subsidiary Ganong. I’m sure our concept will add value to the Korean poultry market. We’re already looking forward to the first hatch of chicks.”

The hatchery is expected to be operational at the end of 2019.