At Handsome Brook Farm, producer of organic pasture raised eggs, the mother hens are the heart of the business. Caring for them, making sure they are happy and healthy, and letting them be the best they can be is what sets Handsome Brook Farm apart. It was with this sentiment in mind, and the fact that the company was female-founded, that finding other Mother Hens became paramount when it came to ambassadors for the brand.

No one could possibly understand what it takes to be the producer of high-quality food for families across the US, but the women who manage not only their restaurants, but their families too. That being said, Handsome Brook Farm is proud to announce Mother Hens: The Chefs of Handsome Brook Farm in partnership with Einat Admony, Janine Booth and Suzanne Vizethann.

Einat Admony is the chef and owner of Balaboosta, Taïm, and Kish-Kash as well as the author of cookbook Balaboosta. After growing up in Tel Aviv, Einat secured illicit rations for her kitchen as a cook in the Israeli Army, she then walked away from college after two months, and roamed around Germany as a gypsy. Einat then packed up her life up to move to New York City and 20 years later, is raising her two kids, Liam and Mika, in Brooklyn with husband and business partner, Stefan Nafziger. When Einat is not at the restaurant she can be found at home, cooking for the crowd of family and friends continually gathered around her dining table.

Janine Booth, James Beard Foundation Award Semi Finalist Chef, was born and raised in Australia. She was exposed to a vast array of flavors and cuisines and began cooking classes at a young age. In 2006 Janine took an eight-month culinary sabbatical, where she travelled extensively, exploring and gaining knowledge on international flavors. Janine went on to study her craft of culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Miami. In 2013 Janine appeared on Bravo's cooking competition "Top Chef" and "Last Chance Kitchen." Since settling between Miami and New York City, Janine has opened Southern restaurant, Root & Bone, with her partner, Chef Jeff McInnis.  A second location in Miami Beach opened in 2017 as well as another Miami concept, Stiltsville Fish Bar. She has two beautiful girls, Bryce and Sunny. 

Suzanne Vizethann, a native Atlantan, is Executive Chef and Owner of Buttermilk Kitchen, the North Buckhead restaurant she opened in 2012. The beloved neighborhood restaurant serves brunch and lunch. True to Suzanne's mission to nurture people through food, all dishes are made in-house from scratch with sustainable grown ingredients from nearby farms.  Paying tribute to its name, "Buttermilk," which refers to the liquid utilized after butter was churned, Suzanne carries out the philosophy of letting nothing go to waste. Suzanne was also a winning contestant on The Food Network's cooking competition "Chopped."


The Mother Hens will be sharing their favorite egg-centric dishes and preparations from their respective restaurants as well as from their personal kitchens starting through the holiday season. There will be Sabich Salad from Einat, Drunken Deviled Eggs from Janine, and a Pimento Cheese Omelet from Suzanne, just to name a few. The delicious recipes and video tutorials with egg-anecdotes can be found on Handsome Brook Farm's Instagram page, @handsomebrookfarm, as well as on the Mother Hens' Instagram handles: 

Einat Admony: @chefeinat 
Janine Booth: @chefjaninebooth 
Suzanne Vizethann: @mrsbuttermlk

Handsome Brook Farm will also be growing the network (or flock) to include more chefs in other regions over the coming months. 

Since its founding as a family-run bed and breakfast in upstate New York, Handsome Brook Farm has been committed to producing the most humane and sustainable pasture raised eggs—eggs that come from hens raised in open spaces and hills with plenty of room to roam and forage, and with adequate protection and roosting area indoors. Handsome Brook Farm has developed a unique supply network of small, organic family farms across several states that sustains an ethically sourced food chain system. Currently, Handsome Brook Farm is the leading U.S. producer of organic pasture raised eggs and its eggs can be found in major grocery stores including Publix, Kroger and Sprouts, as well as on Fresh Direct and many independent conventional and natural retailers.