U.K. poultry company T. Soanes and Son plans to expand its plant in Middleton on the Wolds, the company announced in a blog on its website.

The plant expansion, valued at GBP1.6 million (US$2.1 million) will lead to a 20 percent increase in capacity. It will also create about 15 new jobs in the company’s sales and marketing, processing, and distribution departments.

“The project will enable us to improve infrastructure, increase whole bird processing and expand our portioning capacity in response to customer needs,” T. Soanes and Son General Manager Nigel Upson said. “It’s a significant investment that marks a new exciting chapter in Soanes Poultry’s history and goes hand-in-hand with a plan to upgrade our farms.”

The project, according to the company, is being partly funded by the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development with a GBP583,000 (US$765,596) grant secured by Westley Consulting.


In 2015, the company announced that it was increasing its growing capacity by 17 percent through the construction of two new broiler farms.

According to the T. Soanes and Son website, the company has a history that dates back 70 years. In its early days, the company delivered poultry in Wicker baskets to local Yorkshire markets. It now delivers poultry five days per week in many parts of the U.K.

The company processes chicken, turkey, duck and goose products.