BioMar Group has increased its shrimp research capabilities with the opening of its Aquaculture Technology Centre in Ecuador. The ATC is a state-of-the-art trial facility dedicated to the full lifecycle of shrimp, with the most advanced technology for shrimp research in Ecuador.

The new trial facility, ATC Ecuador, has officially been opened with participation of the Danish Ambassador and the Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Commerce and Investments. The new trial facility, ATC Ecuador, will be dedicated to the test of shrimp feed and it will service the development of shrimp diets and farming practices globally, being a part of the global ATC network in BioMar Group.

“Just one year after Alimentsa joined BioMar Group, I am happy to see another tangible evidence of the commitment toward shrimp from BioMar Group. The new trial center is ready to go live and we have created a strong collaboration with the global R&D network of scientists,” said Danny Velez, managing director of BioMar Ecuador.


The opening of the new shrimp research and development facilities is a significant step in BioMar’s strategic plans for the shrimp segment. In addition, BioMar is in the process of expanding production capacity in Ecuador. The country has for many years been acknowledged for the quality of the shrimp products and is taking the lead participating in the development of efficient and sustainable shrimp farming. 

BioMar states that this is one of the core reasons for intensifying the investments: “We see a significant growth potential in the shrimp feed segment. Our new research facilities will help us continue to evolve our shrimp feed range while allowing us to respond faster to market and customer needs. In BioMar, we have for many years been contributing to minimizing the environmental footprint of the industry, enhancing efficiency and strengthening the health of the fish. Now, we are ready to conduct local product tests supporting our global research within raw materials, process technology, health and nutrition,” said Carlos Diaz, CEO of BioMar Group.

The ATC Ecuador is designed based on experience from BioMar’s trial centers around the world and is the most advanced system in Ecuador for shrimp nutrition studies with state-of-of-the-art equipment. It houses multiple water recirculation systems which ensure full control of the parameters during trials. The initial phase of the construction allows for the evaluation of more than 150 diets per year, simulating the complete shrimp production lifecycle.