Cal-Maine Foods has closed the previously announced acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Featherland Egg Farms, Inc., relating to its commercial shell egg production, processing, distribution and sale business.

The company announced the finalized transaction on October 24.

The acquired assets include commercial egg production and processing facilities with current capacity for approximately 600,000 laying hens, a feed mill, and related production and distribution facilities located near Marion, Texas.

“This transaction is consistent with our strategy to expand our business through selective acquisitions,” Dolph Baker, chairman and chief executive officer of Cal-Maine Foods stated earlier in October. “It is located near many of our other locations and major market areas in south Texas, and we intend to capitalize on specific market opportunities created by this additional production capacity. We look forward to the opportunity to extend our market reach and deliver greater value to both our customers and shareholders.”


Cal-Maine Foods, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi is the world’s largest egg producer, and the acquisition of Featherland Egg Farms will help it solidify its position. Cal-Maine Foods, according to the world’s top egg producers rankings in Poultry International, has a flock of 40.1 million hens. The world’s No. 2 egg company, Mexico’s Proteina Animal (PROAN) has a flock of 33 million, while the world’s third largest egg producer and the second largest egg company in the United States, Rose Acre Farms, has 26.9 million hens.

Now that Cal-Maine’s plans to acquire Featherland Egg Farms have been completed, Cal-Maine Foods has acquired 21 egg companies since 1989. Other egg businesses to have been recently acquired by Cal-Maine Foods include Happy Hen Egg Co., which was purchased in 2017, and Dixie Egg Co., which the company obtained in 2016.

Cal-Maine Foods sells the majority of its shell eggs in states across the southwestern, southeastern, mid-western and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.