The 2009 Food System Summit intends to use a new methodology known as the adoption-diffusion theory to identify steps that can be taken to affect change among "early adopters," also called opinion leaders, according to a news report.

The research will analyze consumers' current understanding and beliefs about the contemporary food system as well as information and messages that will increase their trust and confidence. This would lead to an identification of what appeals to the early adopters and what can further be done to bring a positive change in the market, Jan Wilson, president of Gestalt Inc., the market research firm conducting the research, was quoted as saying.
The summit will also review three years of data on broad consumer attitudes that reflect trends in consumer trust in critical areas such as food safety, animal welfare and sustainability.


The summit is sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity and the National Council of Chain Restaurants. Theme for the event is "The New Normal – Building Consumer Trust during Unprecedented Market Volatility." The event will be held October 6-7 at the Airport Hilton in Kansas City, Mo.

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