Kerry Animal Health & Nutrition and Agrivida have formed a strategic partnership providing Kerry with rights to promote Agrivida’s pioneering GRAINZYME Phytase technology for poultry use for the U.S. market.

Agrivida’s GRAINZYME Phytase utilizes a groundbreaking, innovative process to produce phytase inside corn kernels. By simply replacing a small amount of regular corn with GRAINZYME Phytase corn, poultry producers can conveniently and easily introduce phytase into the diets of their flocks. With GRAINZYME Phytase, producers can feed their flocks significantly higher and more optimal doses of phytase, and thereby greatly improve their business profitability. 

“The benefits of GRAINZYME Phytase have been confirmed in multiple university studies that demonstrate significant poultry performance improvements for flocks fed with GRAINZYME Phytase corn, compared with those fed traditional phytase enzymes. The results also demonstrate significant cost savings per ton of feed when higher doses of phytase were used. We believe GRAINZYME Phytase is a novel solution for poultry producers because it increases the value of their flocks without the need for additional feed space. And there’s no requirement for special processing as the functional benefits are contained in the corn,” said Michael Lanahan, Ph.D., chief commercial officer at Agrivida.


This partnership between Kerry Animal Health & Nutrition and Agrivida brings together two important companies in the animal feed market. Kerry’s AlphaGal is the U.S. market leader for non-starch polysaccharide enzymes used in poultry feed, where it significantly enhances the value of poultry feed by improving digestibility and lowering the cost of feed by facilitating the use of alternative raw materials.

“At Kerry, we are committed to leading our customers to better products and continuing to innovate with high performance nutrition solutions for the animal feed market. Complementing our AlphaGal range and our gut health portfolio, we are excited to bring GRAINZYME Phytase to market reflecting our commitment to cutting-edge science and aligned with our strategy to grow our animal feed business,” said Vilson Simon, global vice president of Kerry Animal Health & Nutrition EUM.

According to Dan Meagher, CEO of Agrivida: “Kerry’s strong reputation and customer marketing strength with their AlphaGal enzyme range make them an ideal business partner for us. Together, this partnership will bring significant new value propositions to the poultry industry.”