WATT Global Media recently released a new addition to its Focus Series reports, Focus Series Volume 3 – Cage-free Eggs: Hen Welfare and Housing Challenges. This collection of exclusive and in-depth information is from the acclaimed editors of Egg Industry, WATT PoultryUSA and Poultry International magazines. It is available for purchase at www.wattagnet.com/products/43.

Focus Series Volume 3 offers insightful articles, blogs, videos and links on cage-free production to equip egg producers and marketers with information to help them make informed business decisions. The collection includes contributions from expert editors Terrence O’Keefe, Austin Alonzo, Mark Clements and Deven King.

The year 2025 is the most common deadline for the more than 200 food companies and restaurants that committed to switching to cage-free eggs. This impacts how producers are managing healthy hens and profit margins. Despite the best education, the transition to cage-free production is a challenging process. The Focus Series report focuses on the best management practices for cage-free pullet rearing.


“Moving to cage-free from conventional egg farming requires a total change in mindset, which forces farmers to pay more attention to every detail in the process of raising pullets to ensure welfare and profitability are not sacrificed,” says Terrence O’Keefe, editor, Egg Industry Magazine. “This report addresses the most important issues in the process and helps producers achieve their business goals.”

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