MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA, announced on Nov. 12 its continued expansion activities of its manufacturing, packaging and warehousing facility in its Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, site, for blending and filling of poultry vaccines. The Milton Keynes location is part of a manufacturing network that supports the company’s global leadership position in the Animal Health market. The company held a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony this month in Milton Keynes to officially mark this milestone.

“We are committed to expand our manufacturing capacity and capabilities to help meet the increased global customer demand for our innovative products,” said Hans-Günther Dittrich, Senior Vice President, EURAM (Europe, Russia, North Africa and Middle East) Region, MSD Animal Health. “The investment in our Milton Keynes facility is another example of  our contribution and expansion of our footprint in the EURAM region, to help advance our mission of the Science of Healthier Animals.”

Vaccines play an important role in protecting animal and public health. Timely and effective vaccination reduces the incidence and severity of disease, enabling efficient production of food animals. Vaccines also have had a significant impact on the health of pets, preventing serious illnesses and helping them live longer and healthier lives.

“Creating enhanced methods and processes to better serve our customers are one part of our multifacted approach,” said Joseph Morrissey, Senior Vice President, Animal Health Manufacturing, MSD Animal Health. “We continue to explore ways around the world to enhance  existing facilities with upgraded equipment or technology, further expand our facilities with advanced technology platforms, and increase capacity and capabilities in manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing to meet the rapidly growing demand for our vaccine and biologic products.”


MSD Animal Health continues to invest in expanding its manufacturing facilities with a recent acquisition of a large-scale, production facility with product formulation and filling capabilities in Krems, Austria; an existing facility for production of poultry vaccines using SPHEREON technology in Salamanca, Spain; and a recently announced construction phase of a state-of-the-art facility in Boxmeer, The Netherlands, for sterile fillng and freeze drying of vaccines. Additionally, Boxmeer is one of the company’s centers for the development and production of veterinary vaccines, including other production and research facilities in Boxmeer and De Bilt.

MSD Animal Health is one of the the largest poultry vaccine manufacturers worldwide, with products against most major pathogens and a focus on diseases affecting broilers, breeders and layers.

The health and well-being of animals is the first and foremost priority of MSD Animal Health. The company strongly supports the responsible use of enhanced vaccine and pharmaceutical production platforms to improve and maintain the health of animals, as well as discovery of new tools to prevent, treat, and in some cases, even eradicate diseases.