Adisseo USA has selected Texas A&M University as a partner for the third Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow seminar, an invitation-only educational event for poultry science and veterinary students, which brings together leaders in poultry academia and industry from around the country to discuss prominent industry issues and enable the development of collaborative solutions. The three-day event, to be held November 30 – December 2 in College Station, TX, will focus on gut health throughout the production cycle.

Spearheading the program curriculum at TX A&M is Dr. David Caldwell, head of the TX A&M Poultry Science Program, who praised Adisseo’s commitment to education and collaboration.

“We are becoming more technical, which requires industry leaders to gather significant input from various specialties in order to fully understand the breadth of these challenges. We chose gut health as the topic of this session because of the cross-discipline collaboration needed to find solutions.”

Specific topics to be covered during the weekend event include:


  • “Microbiome and Pathogen Interactions with the Intestinal Immune System”
  • “Managing intestinal challenges in ABF production: coccidiosis vaccination and necrotic enteritis”
  • “Contamination and Plant Performance”
  • “Identification of Common Diseases and Syndromes Affecting ABF Flocks”
  • “And now, for the rest of the story: food safety and meat quality”
  • “Investigating mechanisms of probiotic functionality in the gastrointestinal tract of poultry”
  • The seminar will also include a necropsy session for a hands on experience of viewing the signs and lesions of common gastrointestinal diseases in the field.

“It is vital for companies to look beyond commercial targets and play an active role in not only promoting education and collaboration, but in attracting newcomers to the poultry industry,” said Felipe Navarro, Director of Marketing, Adisseo North and Central America. “By investing time and resources, and building closer relationships with academia, we are helping recruit and train the professionals who will be responsible for producing protein for future generations.”

Navarro confirmed that this event will be Adisseo’s third iteration of Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow program, with UGA’s 2017 event serving as the pilot program, and then repeating a similar model at the University of Arkansas. The first 2 events focused on the challenge to the industry of “woody breast.” Now the program ventures into gut health.

Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow is not the company’s first program to promote education and foster cooperation between agriculture leaders. Adisseo’s Amino Acid University program, which is held two to three times a year, provides industry-specific educational opportunities for students working toward doctorate or master’s degrees in ruminant nutrition.

“Regardless of the area of discipline, graduate students need to participate in open discussions in order to collectively address the problems their industry is facing,” said Caldwell.