Cherkizovo Group, the largest vertically integrated meat producer in Russia, has received two Product of the Year awards – one for Petelinka and one for Pava-Pava.

The Product of the Year award serves to acknowledge fast-moving consumer goods that enjoy the greatest demand. A win in any category is a testament to the effectiveness of the marketing and promotion strategy, as well as the subsequent success of the product. The Product of the Year award is recognized across the nation, and it carries even more weight thanks to the high-profile support represented by the likes of the National Trade Association, Moscow International Business Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and the Moscow Government. Those with the distinction of winning have repeatedly shown themselves to be truly the best the consumer market has to offer.


Petelinka won the Chicken Meat category. It has been the No. 1 brand in Moscow for over a decade, and in March 2018 it also conquered the St. Petersburg market. This was achieved through hard work of a big, professional team. The brand offers safe products that satisfy consumer needs and is intended to contribute to bettering the quality of life. Any new products under this brand are released following a thorough demand and consumer feedback analysis. Petelinka uses all-natural ingredients free from artificial flavors, colorants, preservatives and GMOs, while unique technologies help ensure that finished products are always healthy. “The Product of the Year award is always a token of trust when it comes to product quality – the trust that consumers put in us daily,” said company representatives at the award ceremony.

Pava-Pava, the youngest brand in the company’s portfolio, won Eco-friendly Meat. Pava-Pava is produced in the Tambov Region, rated No. 1 most environmentally friendly region in Russia. It took the brand a mere year and a half on the market to climb to the top of the turkey category in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which was supported by efficient and professional work of the team. This is a big point of pride for the company.