To celebrate the New Year, Cherkizovo Group offers whole Pava-Pava turkeys in specially designed packaging. The turkey comes fully ready to cook, saving you the hassle of brining and spicing.

A lean and hypoallergenic meat and a low-cal source of protein, turkey is a go-to option for everyone. It has an excellent nutrition profile and easy digestibility. Depending on the cooking technique, turkey is a great substitute for chicken, beef, and pork. Turkey has the lowest fat content than any other meat, and Pava-Pava in particular is the leanest turkey option unmatched by the Russian market.

Tambov Turkey, a joint venture between Cherkizovo Group and Spain’s Grupo Fuertes, breeds Hybrid Grade Maker turkeys, which have demonstrated excellent ability to adapt to the Russian climate. All our turkeys have the right size to fit the oven. A tender meat exceptionally low in fat, turkey is an absolute must for everyone who is health-conscious but wants to indulge in a festive feast this holiday season. What’s important, a whole turkey can feed as many as ten people, sparing you the struggle to plan the New Year dinner meals.

An essential Christmas dish worldwide, turkey is an increasingly popular option in Russia. However, a moist and juicy roast turkey is still a challenge for many. Given Russia’s lack of tradition for roasting a whole turkey, we decided to offer a ready-to-cook solution. When opting for our Festive version of the Pava-Pava turkey, all you need to do is put it in the oven, saving yourself the stress of the lengthy brining. Simply unpack it and start roasting right away.

Farms that breed Pava-Pava are located in the Tambov Region, rated No. 1 most environmentally friendly region in Russia. Special care and the right environment contribute to the top quality of our product. We use only the best feeds and purest artesian water. Our products comply with all applicable quality standards, both in Russia and internationally.


This year Pava-Pava, the youngest brand in Cherkizovo’s portfolio, won the Eco-friendly Meat nomination of the Product of the Year award, which serves to acknowledge fast-moving consumer goods that enjoy the greatest demand. The award is testament to the strong recognition that Pava-Pava has among consumers. It took the brand a mere year and a half on the market to climb to the top of the turkey category in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Cherkizovo Group is committed to high quality to win the loyalty of customers. We are investing heavily in consumer research to better know consumer patterns and latest innovations. Our consumers and their needs are always at the heart of what we do. The launch of a new popular product ahead of the New Year holiday season is perfectly aligned with that vision. Consumers view turkey as a generally healthier alternative to other types of meat.

Russia’s turkey consumption is still lagging behind other markets, with turkey making up just 6% of total meat sales nationwide. However, the trend is undoubtedly positive, which is something that Cherkizovo Group is planning to capitalize on.

In addition to whole turkey, the Pava-Pava range is complete with a variety of products for a quick and easy cooking experience: escalopes, medallions, steaks, cutlets, sausages, kupati, and also chilled cuts. For a roast turkey recipe, visit our website at