September 2018 marked the start of the renovation of Moba’s headquarters in Barneveld, the Netherlands. The current building was outdated and production facility experienced enormous growth. With a new, fresh look and more production space, Moba can continue on supporting customers worldwide to improve their business, by developing, realizing, servicing and optimizing best value in egg grading, packaging and processing equipment and solutions.

It all started in 1947… A young Job Mosterd had to help his father on the farm. His task? Grading eggs. It wasn’t exactly his favorite job in the world, so he invented a machine that would do the work for him: the first egg grading machine. His self-made device became a hit among his friends, neighbors and fellow farmers. Mosterd decided to start his own company: Moba, the name derived from his family name Mosterd and his hometown Barneveld. The first chapter of the Moba success story.

Nowadays Moba is the market leader in the field of egg grading and packaging machines. This year the annual turnover is expected to pass the limit of 200 million euros for the first time in the company's 71-year history. High-quality vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients make eggs a favorite and healthy food choice. The worldwide consumption of eggs is growing faster than the world population. Therefore Moba expects continued structural growth in the upcoming years.

Moba’s headquarters have been located at Stationsweg in Barneveld, the Netherlands, since 1950. Frank van Gerrevink, Head of Technical Service: “When I started at Moba four years ago, it was clear: we needed to move or renovate and expand the current head office. Because we are very proud of our history, and being intertwined with Barneveld's history, and having a great relationship with the local authorities made the decision to stay and renovate easy.”

Master plan

One thing was paramount: production must go on during the renovation. Arie Teeuw, Project Manager Technical Service: “That was clear from the start. To ensure that the employees of Moba would not be hindered in their work, we had to plan everything carefully. And even perform some construction work after business hours.” Frank, Arie and the Technical Service team came up with the plan for the renovation. Their so-called Master Plan.



What exactly will happen with the headquarters during the renovation? Arie explains in detail: “The front offices will be completely demolished so they can be renewed and modernized. To create more office space, a second layer will be built on top.” The front offices will not only be modernized. Arie explains further: “The front offices will be gas-free and the energy from the injection molding department will be used for their heating. The number of solar panels on the roofs will go from 356 to over a 1000.”

An architect came up with the design of the new facade of the building. Arie: “Moba is a high-tech company. So it was important to modernize the front. We wanted to give more transparency. So people understand what we do at Moba when they pass by. That is why we chose enormous, vertical windows.” People who visit Moba will also get a unique peek: huge windows will be placed, so you can look 80 meters far into the factory. Frank: “We want to make a statement. When someone walks through our doors, they know what Moba stands for.” 

The building will not only be renovated, but also expanded. For example, a new injection molding department will be set up and the warehouse will be enlarged. The parking lot will also be expanded, to make an end to the parking problem.

Ready in 2020

In 2020 Moba employees can enjoy a brand new company cafeteria. The number of employees has grown in recent years. Approximately six hundred people work at the location. The cafeteria will get a new place in the renovated building: a second layer will be built, where the restaurant will get more space and a roof terrace. The space of the current restaurant will be added to the production halls.  

The renovation is expected to be ready in 2020. Frank: “The modernized building will give Moba a new look that fits the company. It will give us the opportunity to grow even further in the future. To stay on top of the egg industry and continue on being a reliable partner for our customers by delivering excellent equipment and solutions with the best value, today and in the future.”