Phodé, a leader in the field of functional and sensory feed supplements, has appointed LinkAsia Partners as its strategic partner for its range of neuro-sensory and physio animal care products in Asia Pacific. Under the agreement, LinkAsia Partners will provide marketing and commercial support to drive the business development of the Phodé animal care products.

“This partnership with LinkAsia Partners reinforces our commitment to the important markets in Asia Pacific,” said Pierre Defalque, Chief Operating Officer of Phodé. “With Phodé’s increasing commercial presence and technical involvement in the Asia Pacific region, this timely partnership will provide additional resources to support and accelerate our business growth plan. In coordination with our existing distribution partners, we trust David and his team will bring the Phodé brand and business to greater heights.”


“We are privileged to be partnering with Phodé and this is a great opportunity to further extend the market reach of the Phodé brand and business in Asia Pacific,” said David Saunders, CEO of LinkAsia Partners. “Phodé offers a range of innovative animal care products based on sensory active ingredients with plant extracts, which stimulate the animal’s cerebral and cellular ecosystem thereby promoting optimal production and performance. We look forward to generating more business potential and strengthening Phodé’s foothold in the Asia Pacific region.”