The development of the Novogen teams continues with the arrival of Stéphane Lemoine as Deputy Director, Head of Business Development.

With this new arrival within the team, the Grimaud Group subsidiary, a specialist in poultry egg selection, is now ready to go full steam ahead in the development of its commercial presence, all the while supporting Mickaël Le Helloco as Managing Director. Formerly Managing Director of Nutrilia and then Director of MixScience Export within the Avril Group, Stéphane Lemoine demonstrates enduring international experience in the animal production sectors.


“His in-depth knowledge of several markets including Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe is a major asset and provides a real opportunity for us to strengthen our presence within these markets,” says Mickaël Le Helloco, Managing Director of Novogen. “The reorganization of our operational teams persists, allowing us to continue satisfying our customers as best possible, which is of utmost importance to us!”

Novogen and its technical sales teams will be present at upcoming international exhibitions, including IPPE in Atlanta and VIV ASIA in Bangkok. This will give us the opportunity to discuss the sector’s future and to present Novogen's major R&D investment plan, establishing its place as a leader in egg selection.