Find out what blog posts on were read the most during the past year. This list does not include blogs written before 2018.

1. Stop saying farm animals are our friends

As the American public increasingly becomes further removed from the farm, expectations of livestock and poultry production increasingly become more unrealistic.

2. Action needed against Direct Action Everywhere

When a person thinks of animal rights organizations, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is typically not the first one that comes to mind.

3. Tyson’s Donnie Smith retires in style, helping Rwandans

After a successful and storied career with Tyson Foods, Donnie Smith, the company’s former president and CEO, had more than earned the right to retire and spend his time paying attention to other interests.

4. 7 quotes from President Trump to Farm Bureau

The words of U.S. President Donald Trump in his address to the American Farm Bureau Federation on January 8, appeared to resonate with his audience, drawing heavy applause and approval of some of the changes going on in the nation’s capital.

5. Now is the time to say no to slower-growing chickens

Consumer preferences are increasingly setting, or at least influencing, the agenda for everything from housing to feeding to transport to processing.


6. Data in poultry production: Goodbye to feed conversion?

Last week, during VIV Europe trade show in Utrecht, Netherlands, there were many novelties in the field of poultry production.

7. Think twice before you hire an animal nutrition consultant

You need an internal person who will take ownership of the problem/project and become responsible to see it to its conclusion before you hire an external adviser.

8. Pigments in chicken and egg: that dark object of desire

People like yellow chicken and well colored, almost orange egg yolks. But that does not mean the birds were raised in a more natural environment, like some think.

9. Acquisitions could shake up Top Poultry Company rankings

Every year, WATT Global Media publishes the results of the Top Poultry Companies Survey in WATT PoultryUSA magazine, and updates the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, based on the findings of that survey.

10. What’s your antibiotic replacement strategy?

In the March issue of Feed Strategy magazine, WATT’s annual 2018 Poultry Nutrition & Feed Survey revealed that 43 percent of respondents report that antibiotic restrictions pose the greatest challenge to their operation’s formulation program and/or feed costs.