Miller Poultry is embracing sustainability by installing and beginning the process of converting specific operations and offices to using solar energy.

Miller Poultry partnered with Solar Energy Systems LLC to install a solar system in November 2018. The two family-owned Indiana companies consider this is a big step in Miller Poultry’s goal of improving energy efficiency and implementing sustainable practices. Most of Miller Poultry grower’s barns are utilizing solar panels to help power the barn, so integrating solar panels into the company’s offices was the next natural step.

The solar energy system is designed to help offset the electricity consumption in one of Miller Poultry’s live operations offices. The solar energy system will offset most, if not all their electricity usage and reduce the company’s costs. The system will offset thousands of gallons of gasoline over a 30-year period, Solar Energy Systems stated in a press release.

Miller Poultry’s interest in this project stems from its desire to improve the environment and become more sustainable by creating its own clean, free electricity. Miller Poultry hopes that this initiative will spread the word for other farmers and their own poultry growers that solar is the right choice for reducing costs and becoming independent farmers.


“Sustainability and being good stewards of the environment is a part of who we are and have been for many years. From top to bottom we believe in this sustainability initiative and feel blessed that Solar Energy Systems LLC has been so helpful along the way” said Stephen J. Shepard, vice president of live operations, Miller Poultry.

“Miller Poultry’s customers already know that they provide naturally grown chicken in an ethical and healthy manner, but now we can be confident that Miller Poultry is taking even greater steps to better our local and global environment by going solar” said Sydney Rosario, the animal well-being and ethics manager at Miller Poultry and overseeing the broad initiative. “Solar Energy Systems has been helpful throughout the entire process and we’re excited about the future projects to come.”

Solar Energy Systems LLC has been providing premium quality solar panels, installation, and customer service since 2006.