Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CP Foods) is showcasing its new, state-of-the-art service “CP Foods R&D Center” in Wang Noi, Ayutthaya, Thailand, which it believes will be a major driving force for developing healthy products for consumers worldwide.

The innovation complex is comprised of a research and development building and pilot plant. Both facilities are energy-saving buildings with solar rooftops, solar hot water and the state-of-the-art equipment worth around THB1.35 billion, making it one the most innovative research and development centers in Asia, the company stated. The pilot plant is also certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ensuring manufacturing quality. 

The one-stop service food innovation center will deliver nutritional and safety foods at world-class quality to consumers around the world.

Sukhawat Dansermsuk, CEO - Food Business and co-president at CP Foods, said the new research facilities will significantly accelerate and improve the innovation process to encourage CP Foods’ researchers achieve their full capabilities. 

The R&D Center will develop products in line with global demand at all ages including foods for patients and elderly people such as food and drink for insomnia. In addition, the center pilot plant can promptly introduce variety of new products to serve with rapid changes of consumer demands.

“Increasing of health-conscious and food safety demands have prompted the company to plan for more healthy goods which it will reach 30 percent of its new products this year, following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” he said.

Sukhawat added that CP Foods’ R&D Center has developed not only innovative products but special ingredients to serve food chain and restaurant demands.

CP Foods’ research and development is focusing on food biotechnology by applying enzymes and microorganism to boost quality of products. The center is also concentrated on sustainable packaging development to minimize environmental impacts, especially plastic footprint.


The center, according to CP Foods, is equipped with the most innovative technologies in food industry, for example, the microwave technology for sterilization of ready meals, which can prolong the shelf life of foods. By using this 12-minute process, the ready meal can be kept for a year without losing any of its nutrition, the company stated.

Moreover, the facility is capable of instantly producing ready meals and sauces, and the clients are able to oversee the whole manufacturing process.

New CP Foods 'Smart' products

CP Foods also plans to launch new “Smart” products during the first quarter of 2019, which include:

Smart Meal: Vegetarian food from high-fiber grain, tofu, vegetables and other natural ingredients, offering high protein and vitamins without added preservatives.

Smart Soup: Healthy soup from 100 percent highly selected natural ingredients made from innovative food process. The soup is created to be an ideal choice for patients and elderly consumers.

Smart Sauce: Sriracha sauce with its distinct taste, made of premium grade red chili, rice vinegar and sea salt.

Smart Drink: Tasty functional drinks, a fruit juice product made for specific health demands such as “good night,” a drink to aid in better sleep.