JUST Inc. and PHW Group have signed a distribution agreement, in which the German poultry company will use its sales and distribution network to accelerate the adoption of JUST’s plant-based egg substitute product to consumers in Europe.

The egg substitute product is marketed as “JUST Egg” in the United States.

This agreement follows an earlier agreement reached between JUST and Eurovo Group.

Under the two deals, Eurovo will manufacture the egg substitute product in Europe, and both PHW and Eurovo will sell and distribute the product to retailers and foodservice providers.

The JUST Egg, according to the company, offers consumers who do not consume conventional eggs an alternative. The mung bean-based product, according to JUST, cooks and tastes like eggs from chickens, and contains similar amounts of protein. The product also is free of saturated fat, cholesterol and artificial flavoring, the company states.


“JUST was founded on the belief that fresh thinking, technological and culinary innovation and partnerships between start-ups and established companies could change our food system for the better,” said Josh Tetrick, JUST co-founder and CEO. “JUST, Eurovo and PHW will put that idea into practice and allow us to reach countless European consumers. PHW’s proven expertise in distribution and logistics and its sustained commitment to alternative sources of protein impressed us and we’re excited to work with them.”

Peter Wesjohann, CEO of PHW Group, added: “It’s great news that PHW will be able to offer JUST Egg to European consumers – a product that has exceeded all expectations in the United States and is on a par with conventional eggs. We will use all of our sales experience and market knowledge to ensure that JUST has the best possible debut in Europe.”

Subject to European regulatory approval, the first JUST Egg products are expected to be available in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2019.

PHW Group, according to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, is the largest poultry company in Germany and is tied with Italy’s Gruppo Veronesi as the third largest poultry company in Europe. PHW Group slaughtered 350 million broilers in 2017.