U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue visited Butterball’s turkey processing plant in Mount Olive, North Carolina, on February 11 in a series of stops across eastern North Carolina to promote the new United States, Mexico & Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade deal.

During his visit, Perdue met with Butterball corporate executives and plant officials to discuss the benefits of the trade deal and toured the facility to gain a better understanding of the products the company exports. 

Approximately 60 percent of total Butterball exports are to Mexico markets, and of that, 70 percent of those products originate from the Mount Olive facility. The significant volume of export products from this facility was a deciding factor for including Butterball in the visit to promote the new trade deal.


"Mexico is a critical market for turkey exports. It has been a strong market for us and one that continues to grow as we have the opportunity to expand our value-added product exports," said Jay Jandrain, Butterball president and chief executive officer. "The new USMCA deal will further fortify our established relationship with Mexico and may offer new opportunities with Canada. We were very excited to host Secretary Perdue and discuss directly the importance of this deal and the impact it will have on our export business within North America."

“The USMCA deal will help to ensure that America’s turkey growers and processors have fair access to North American markets and it takes important steps to strengthen the U.S.’s trade relationship with our neighbors,” said Joel Brandenberger, president of the National Turkey Federation. “When given the chance to compete head-to-head on price and quality, U.S. turkey producers have shown their ability to deliver wholesome, delicious turkey products for export worldwide. The National Turkey Federation is pleased to have joined Secretary Perdue and Butterball to help emphasize the importance of finalizing the USMCA and expanding opportunities for U.S. turkey exports.”