The new book, “Broiler Meat Signals – A Practical Guide to Improving Poultry Meat Quality” was officially launched during a special event during the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta.

The book launch event was held February 13 at the WATTGlobal Media booth at IPPE.

While no books were sold at the launch event, the first copy of the book was presented to Tom Hensley, outgoing chairman of the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) and chairman of the USPOULTRY Foundation.

The book, written by Piet Simons and Wim Tondeur and published by Roodbont Publishers BV, contains practical information about broilers and all steps in production and processing.

The 192-page book contains essential practical information about every step in poultry meat processing. With over 750 color pictures, it is a useful tool for people working in slaughterhouses, catching teams, broiler farmers, agricultural students and anyone interested in the poultry industry. The book contains practical tools and modern insights to guarantee an efficiently produced, safe, healthy and tasty product.

Roodbont Managing Director Ton van Schie, who presented the copy of the book to Hensley, said “Broiler Meat Signals” is part of a greater “Signals” series. Earlier books released covered other species such as pigs and cattle, as well as other parts of the poultry industry.

According to van Schie, “Broiler Meat Signals” is different than other textbooks or management guides. One way is it allows the reader to help visualize the problems that could be experienced with broiler chickens and meats.

“Broiler Meat Signals – A Practical Guide to Improving Poultry Meat Quality,” by Piet Simons and Wim Tondeur (Roodbont Publishers)


“The idea behind these books is we try to visualize this information,” he said. “The book doesn’t just have a lot of text. We’re trying to help the readers to visualize as much as possible by having at least 3 or 4 pictures per page, and trying to tell a story in that way.”

He also said the book allows readers to address problems in a different way.

“Instead of starting with a theory, we start with practice,” he said. “We say, ‘Look, think, act.’ You look at the animals or you look at the meat. What do you see? What does it mean, and how can you improve the situation?”

“The target group isn’t academic, but it’s the practical target group working in the sector all the time,” he added.

Hensley, who is also the president of Fieldale Farms, accepted the complimentary book on behalf of USPOULTRY, but he said he intends to obtain more copies of the book to distribute to the live production teams and plant managers of Fieldale Farms.

“I haven’t read through every page yet, but it’s very inclusive of all the good and bad that can happen,” Hensley said. “When you’re in the chicken business, not every chicken is perfect. You need to be able to identify imperfect chickens, hopefully when they’re young, before you have a bunch of feed in them that costs a fortune, and certainly before you haul them to the plant to process them.

“This book will be helpful in doing that.”