WATT Global Media recently released the February edition of Egg Industry magazine featuring the latest rankings for the top egg producers in the U.S. These companies lead the egg industry according to the size of their layer flocks.

Egg Industry’s exclusive survey of Top Companies identified 67 egg producers in the U.S. with flocks that totaled 337.88 million hens housed as of December 31, 2018, up from 314.6 in 2017. The survey shows hen numbers continue to rise as producers address cage-free housing and convert high-rise houses to cage free.

“The egg industry is preparing for monumental change with major buyers pledged to purchase egg products only from cage-free hens by 2025,” says Terrence O’Keefe, Director of Content. “In the survey, egg producers provided responses on their customers’ pledges, progress toward cage-free and challenges that remain.”

To compile this report, Egg Industry conducts the survey annually with results from a combination of company-submitted information and estimates from industry sources. The Top Company edition includes information not found elsewhere with additional details available online.


For egg production and other agribusiness industries, WATT Global Media offers an expansive database that includes over 1,000 poultry producers from around the world plus trends in egg and poultry production. Within the database, listings are offered globally and by geographic region with a comprehensive index.

Each listing includes a link to detailed profiles with information such as company headquarters, contacts, products, production volume, subsidiaries and additional brands. Databases have search, sort and compare options. Free website registration is required to view data and download information from the online system.

For more Top Company insights – including a spreadsheet of the leading U.S. egg producers over a five-year timespan – go to www.WATTAgNet.com/products.

Find the digital edition of Egg Industry’s Top Companies magazine at www.eggindustry-digital.com.