BioMar will acquire the remaining 50 percent of shares in the Chilean aquaculture feed factory APSA, pending approval from authorities. The deal will create additional capacity for BioMar in Chile.

When BioMar acquired Provimi Aqua in 2007, the joint venture in the APSA factory was part of the package. Since then, BioMar Chile has been producing feed for AquaChile and various other customers from the joint venture. If approved by the authorities, BioMar Group will get access to a significant volume of flexible production capacity.

“We are happy to announce this acquisition, which reinforces BioMar Group’s commitment to the Chilean market,” said Carlos Diaz CEO, BioMar Group. “With the transaction, BioMar Chile will achieve a better possibility to serve the broader customer base and plan for future upgrades and expansions of the facility. We experience an increasing demand for our high-end products and we need to take the next steps ensuring our ability to deliver during seasonal peaks.”

The acquisition, representing a value of US$17 million, takes place after AquaChile last summer was acquired by the new owners Agrosuper.


“We have during the years experienced a fantastic cooperation with AquaChile, and we are happy that the new owners have facilitated a friendly and smooth negotiation to get the deal in place. I would personally like to thank the former owners for a collaboration that has helped us grow our position in the market, being the independent, agile feed supplier committed to an efficient and sustainable aquaculture,” Diaz said.

Beyond this operation, BioMar Chile continues the commercial relationship with Agrosuper and AquaChile.

“Looking forward, we expect to continue delivering feed to AquaChile,” Diaz said. “We are cooperating in a very positive way and we are determined to maintain a fruitful commercial relationship.”

BioMar Group is a global provider of aquafeed, primarily for salmon and trout in Norway, the United Kingdom and Chile; for trout, eel, sea bass, and sea bream in continental Europe; and for shrimp and tilapia in South and Central America.