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Top 10 US broiler companies in 2018

Wayne Farms LLC

No. 7 U.S. broiler producer

In 2018, Wayne Farms produced 47.80 million pounds of ready-to-cook chicken weekly, a nearly 1.5 percent increase from the previous year, ranking it seventh.

In March 2018, the company expanded its operations with a new $4.5 million Customer Innovation Center in Decatur, Alabama, for product creation, design and testing. The company also announced in June 2018 that it was planning a total overhaul of its 10 hatcheries, the first of which was to be completed by September 2018.

In line with the company’s long-term plan, in March 2019, Wayne Farms purchased a 125-acre parcel of land near Dobson, North Carolina, adjacent to its feed mill and hatchery.