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Top 10 US broiler companies in 2018

Tyson Foods

No. 1 U.S. broiler producer

In 2018, No. 1 broiler producer, Tyson Foods, produced 192.33 million pounds of chicken on a ready-to-cook weekly basis. This figure includes the production figures from MBA Poultry LLC (Tecumsah Poultry) and Keystone Foods LLC, which Tyson acquired in June and August 2018, respectively. This represents a nearly 10 percent increase in production over 2017. The acquisition of Keystone, ranked as the 10th-largest producer in 2017, was made for $2.16 billion.

In May 2018, Tyson Ventures, the venture capital branch of Tyson Foods, invested in cell-cultured meats with a stake in Future Meat Technologies, a Jerusalem-based biotechnology company advancing a distributive manufacturing platform for cell-cultured meats. The company’s Tyson Innovation Lab then launched its ¡Yappah! brand of products made from food that might otherwise be wasted.

Continuing to expand its reach, Tyson Ventures announced in April 2019 that it is investing in Clear Labs Inc., creators of the Clear Safety automated food safety platform for routine pathogen detection.