With grilling season right around the corner, consumers are in search of the next big hit for their summer and holiday cookouts. As new seasoned and mix-in turkey patties hit the market, demand for turkey burgers has skyrocketed.

Turkey has a health halo with fewer calories and less cholesterol than other proteins, according to the USDA’s nutrition database, while still providing plenty of protein and B vitamins. However, some consumers felt conventional turkey burgers of the past lacked flavor, so the Honeysuckle White brand developed seasoned and mix-in turkey patties with new ingredients. These burgers were popular in spring and summer of 2018, as seasoned and inclusion turkey patties were up 6.5 percent (710,000 lbs.), according to data from Nielsen AOD.

Consumers are increasingly choosing seasoned and mix-in turkey patties over other burgers not only because they represent a healthy choice, but also for their exciting and delicious flavors. The improved eating experience and convenient cooking have turned turkey patties into one of the most popular turkey options. In a 2018 survey of shoppers who had purchased at least one kind of fresh turkey in the last three months, more consumers had purchased pre-made turkey patties than turkey meatballs, thighs, drumsticks, wings, tenderloin and cutlets. 


Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms turkey have created three mix-in turkey burger patties: Savory Seasoned, which debuted in March 2019, Spinach & Kale, and Cranberry & Jalapeño with White Cheddar Cheese. These patties are easy to prepare, have lively flavor blends and allow the whole family to indulge in a delicious meal. 

Savory Seasoned patties improve upon the base flavor profile through premium inclusion patty quality, coarser grind and thicker patties. They can easily be customized with desired toppings for the ultimate consumer eating experience. Spinach and Kale patties elevate health with two superfoods, while the Cranberry and Jalapeño with White Cheddar Cheese patties provide a rush of flavor through sweet and spicy ingredients.