Transport Genie Ltd., a Canadian-based developer of real-time, sensor-based monitoring systems for livestock transportation equipment, announced on April 23 the appointment of Idris Soule as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

Soule is a leading software engineer with broad industry experience leading a variety of machine learning and GPS technology initiatives with Fortune 500 companies, including Blackberry and Google. Since 2017, he has been senior developer at Transport Genie, leading the effort to create a real-time monitoring system that protects the health and welfare of livestock during transport.

“Idris has played a vital role in guiding development of the Transport Genie sensor system from the outset, and we’re thrilled that he’s agreed to take on the challenge of advancing our technical mission as we take our products to the marketplace,” said Joel Sotomayor, Transport Genie President and CEO. 

Using a network of smart sensors, Transport Genie monitors microclimate conditions inside livestock trailers and relays that information to truck drivers and other users along the supply chain. The sensors monitor variables such as temperature and humidity, as well as a wide range of other factors that affect the animals’ comfort and welfare, including driving conditions and behavior such as braking and acceleration. The sensors can also be used to control devices such as cooling fans, misters and drinkers.

“Transport is the time in a farmed animal’s life that it is most vulnerable to infectious disease or injury, so it’s very gratifying to be able to provide a reliable tool to ensure their comfort and safety,” said Soule. “While there are other devices that can record variables like temperature during the journey, only Transport Genie can relay accurate real-time data to the driver who can then take immediate action to resolve any issues before they become a serious problem.”


Transport Genie sensors are fully customizable to meet the needs of different species of livestock and poultry as well as different types and sizes of transport trailers. The sensors can have up to a three-year battery life and are built to withstand the rigorous conditions of livestock transport, including the washing and disinfecting procedures required for biosecurity.

Canada’s agriculture and agri-food system accounts for nearly seven per cent of GDP and contributes over $111 billion a year to the national economy — and the industry is ripe for technological innovation, Soule said.

“The ag-tech sector is still in its infancy and there a multitude of applications that have the potential to benefit all stakeholders. From Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to blockchain-based data-sharing ecosystems, ag-tech innovation will revolutionize the food system in ways that optimize, monitor, monetize, protect and alleviate stress all along the supply chain,” he said.

“Transport Genie provides producers and transportation companies with the assurance that the animals in their care are being treated humanely, and consumers can take comfort in knowing that the people who provide the food that feeds their families are following the highest standards of animal health and welfare.”