At the National Poultry Show in London, Ontario, Aviagen highlighted the advantages that the Ross 308 and Ross 708 broiler breeders offer to the businesses of growers throughout Canada. Canadian producers benefit from the environmental resistance, feed efficiency, healthy growth rate and high meat yield of these birds. Due to these qualities, the popularity of Ross birds has seen strong growth in recent years.

Taking place April 3-4, the show is Canada’s premier gathering of poultry professionals. This year marks the 62nd edition of the annual show, and Aviagen has been participating for nearly two decades.

Organized by the Poultry Industry Council (PIC) and the Western Fair Association (WFA), the event seeks to provide presentations and sessions that are progressive, innovative and relevant to the entire value chain of agriculture and its customers.

Aviagen’s Canadian Regional Business Consultant Scott Gillingham spoke at one of these sessions. He emphasized the importance of using the smart farming technology to collect data for improved performance, exploring the topic, “You cannot manage what you don’t measure.”


“Aviagen is committed to the success of our Canadian customers, and sharing the very latest developments and management advice to increase their productivity,” he commented. “This show offers us a great opportunity to strengthen our relationships and gain ideas for improving our service to them.”

Tradition of support for Canadian Poultry

Aviagen is dedicated to the success of the Canadian poultry industry and seeks opportunities to offer support. The company has fostered a long-standing and close relationship with the Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC).

Each year Aviagen contributes to the CPRC’s research sponsorship program, and this year for the first time has earmarked a portion of its donation for the Aviagen Poultry Genetics Scholarship. Aviagen’s goal is to encourage and assist with the financial expenses of Canadian poultry students who are pursuing advanced genetics studies. The company will regularly select students whose aspirations align with its own vision to help feed the world’s growing population with a nutritious and sustainable source of protein through continuous improvements in the breeding program, while continually advancing bird health and welfare.