Leif Bergvall Hansen, CEO of Swedish poultry company Scandi Standard, has been named to the board of directors for European pork company Goodvalley.

Bergvall’s appointment to the board was approved in a May 3 extraordinary meeting of Goodvalley. He succeeds Jens Jørgen Nielsen, who resigned from the board of directors.

Hansen has been the CEO of Scandi Standard since 2012, succeeding Jan K. Henriksen in that role. Hansen had prior work experience in leadership roles with Bisca A/S, Findus A/S, Nestlé and ESS-FOOD. He has been credited with building special competencies within sales, marketing and brand building of food sector businesses, strategic transformation of businesses, leading initial public offerings and acquisitions, and managing international businesses.


Hansen is also a board member of Danpo A/S, Farmfood A/S and Iconovo AB.

Scandi Standard, according to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, is the Nordic region's leading poultry producer, with brands Kronfågel in Sweden, Danpo in Denmark, and Jæren in Norway. It is also the 23rd largest poultry company in Europe, slaughtering 115.7 million broilers annually. The company manufactures, sells and markets chilled, frozen and processed chickens for European, Asian and African markets. It is also active in the turkey, duck and table egg industry.

Goodvalley, according to information on its website, is an international producer of high-quality pork products operating in Poland, Ukraine and Russia based on Danish production standards. The company is to a large extent self-sufficient and masters the whole production chain from field to fork, from growing crops for feed, breeding and slaughtering pigs including using the manure in biogas facilities to produce electricity and organic fertilizer for the fields. Goodvalley is certified as CO2 neutral by German TÜV and operates according to the highest standards in terms of animal welfare, transparency in the production and sustainable production methods.