Big Dutchman is launching a major effort towards redesigning its after sales and farm services capabilities. The global leader in equipment for chicken and pig production entered into business in 1938 in the same West Michigan area where its USA headquarters continue to be located and has always placed services high in its priorities. Nonetheless, changes in the market place call for an even more aggressive and thorough approach to supporting customers. The equipment manufacturer is determined to be ready to meet those higher expectations.


In synch with the above goal, Big Dutchman announces that Mr. Al Fox has joined the organization in the capacity of Vice President of After Sales and Farm Services. Mr. Fox brings to the company experience in various engineering and operations roles at a senior management level. An advocate of strong customer centric organizations, Mr. Fox comes on board with the mission to bring his division of the company to the next level, providing its customers with superior experiences. Al Fox holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Kettering University as well as a Master’s of Science in Engineering Management from Western Michigan University.