Vilofoss, one of the three largest premix and nutrition companies in the European market for livestock production, has just acquired Complementos de Piensos Compuestos (CPC), a Spanish family-owned business. CPC produces 15,000 tons per year with a turnover of DKK120 million (US$17.9 million).

CEO of DLG, Kristian Hundebøll, said: “Spain is the largest European market for pigs and produces 20% of all pigs in Europe. At the moment, it is the only market in Europe with continued high growth. We have been looking for the right partner for a while, and we have now accomplished this with the acquisition of CPC, where we together see great growth opportunities. It strengthens our position as one of the largest premix and nutrition companies with a market share of 20% in Europe. We hope that this is the first step towards a strong position in the Spanish market – the same way we have done successfully in Germany and France.”

Major international player

Including the new Spanish factory, Vilofoss has 16 factories in 7 countries in Europe and a smaller stake in a vitamin factory in China. Vilofoss produces 400,000 tons of premix and nutrition a year and has a turnover of more than DKK3 billion.

“In the beginning of the year, we entered a new cooperation with the French company ARC, so we are now the leader in the French market for piglets. With CPC in Spain, we are now present in all the important markets in Europe, and we help to set the direction for the European livestock production and we are strong in the fields of pig, cattle and poultry,” Hundebøll said.


The DLG Group has an ambitious, international growth strategy for Vilofoss.

“We have shown that we can collaborate with both private and cooperative companies and create growth with respect for the company’s DNA. This is a unique quality of DLG, which makes us attractive as a business partner abroad,” Hundebøll said.

More export

The family-owned business CPC is located in the province of Navarra in northern Spain close to the city of Pamplona and is strategically well placed for Spanish pig production.  

“CPC is a skilled, knowledgeable and innovative family business that matches well with our strengths in the DLG Group,” Hundebøll said. “They export 25% of its production primarily to South America, which are markets, where DLG is not present today. Thus, it is in alignment with our growth and export strategy, where we plan on reaching out to even more markets. CPC can help us support our sales of our special products to even more markets, and therefore, we see strong opportunities for further common growth.