Livestock Water Recycling’s ability to address nutrient pollution from livestock operations has resulted in the technology platform being recognized with a Water’s Next Award for the Water Resources Project/Technology of the year. The Water’s Next national award program honors the achievement and ideas of individuals and companies that successfully work to change water across the country. Livestock producers install the LWR System when they want smart, flexible, on-site nutrient recovery that allows them to expand their herds. The LWR System holds the industry record for the most installations and is helping producers make valuable nutrient products that are easy to export, while preventing the harmful effects of nutrient runoff and groundwater contamination. The system recycles the majority of liquid livestock manure into clean water that is used around the farm. “We continually strive to find new ways to leverage our knowledge of wastewater treatment to make manure management smarter, and food production more sustainable and productive,” said Karen Schuett, LWR Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re honored to be recognized by this highly esteemed panel of experts for our disruptive technology platform as we continue towards achieving our vision of lagoon free food production.”


LWR had a vision to develop a system that would economically capture and concentrate valuable nutrients from manure, while recycling up to 75% of it back into clean, potable water. The result is reduced transport and handling costs, valuable fertilizers, eliminated risk of nutrient runoff or groundwater contamination, ghg reduction, and a reusable water source. The LWR System, equipped with data accumulation sensors,is a proven, patented, commercialized nutrient recovery platform that reduces the overall volume of manure and bio liquids; concentrates nutrients into a valuable solid fertilizer and a crop additive liquid fertilizer; and delivers a renewable, high-quality clean water source. Farmers can increase their herd size, reduce their water footprint, and feed more people with fewer resources. All this while at the same time regenerating their soils and protecting the groundwater in local communities.“The Water's Next awards celebrate the innovators and influencers that are shaping the Canadian water industry. Receiving this award is a testament to the success of Livestock Water Recycling’s commitment to making safe, healthy water resources a priority” says Water’s Next Associate Publisher.Water Canada announced the winners of the 2019 awards in Collingwood, Ontario at the Water’s Next Awards Gala on May 30 as part of the 10th annual Canadian Water Summit.