On June 11, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) published a favorable Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of Digestarom DC in broilers, layers and minor avian species. 

The Scientific Opinion noted that the feed additive “has a potential to increase the growth performance of chickens for fattening when incorporated into feed at a minimum application rate of 65 mg/kg complete feed; the conclusion can be extended to chickens reared for laying and  extrapolated to minor poultry species reared up to the point of lay.” 

“This represents an important step in achieving EU authorization of Digestarom DC as a zootechnical feed additive,” commented Dr Antonia Tacconi, Global Product Manager Phytogenics at Biomin. “We always appreciate the scientific and rigorous work of the FEEDAP Panel in reaching its conclusions,” she added. 

“Considerable effort, expertise and dedication by our knowledgeable R&D teams at the Biomin Research Center and our top notch sales and technical teams in the field have made this achievement possible,” noted Dr Tacconi. “They ensure that Biomin consistently leverages scientific innovation to support our clients’ successes in real-world commercial settings. It also attests to the helpful role that phytogenics can play in food animal production throughout the globe.” 

Performance boost

Supporting birds to achieve good gut performance means higher productivity and economic gains for producers. “What sets Digestarom DC apart is the performance benefits, pelleting stability, ease of handling and a documented mode of action,” stated Dr Tacconi. 


The triple-action formulation of Digestarom DC incorporates the innovative Biomin Duplex Capsule technology that ensures the plant-based active compounds are delivered where they are needed to be most effective. The three modules include: 1) promoting appetizing and endogenous secretions, 2) gut microbiota modulation and 3) gut protection. 

Global campaign continues 

BIOMIN first introduced Digestarom DC at VIV Asia in March 2017. In April 2018, Biomin submitted an EU dossier for Digestarom DC as a zootechnical feed additive in broilers. 

The firm introduced Digestarom DC to customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at EuroTier in November 2018. 

“We look forward to the opportunity to further demonstrate the various ways in which phytogenic compounds and our extensive Digestarom line can benefit feed and livestock producers based on their specific needs,” Dr Tacconi concluded.