Fukuda Breeders, a large broiler hatchery company, and HatchTech recently signed an agreement for the construction of a new turn-key hatchery in Japan. HatchTech will deliver the total package of incubation solutions, including MicroClimer Setters and Hatchers, a Chick Storage Room and ventilation, cooling and heating equipment. The capacity of this hatchery will be 720,000 eggs per week.

Mr. Yamagami, President of Fukuda, explains the company's decision to build this hatchery in Okayama City, South of Japan and why they selected the incubation equipment of HatchTech: “Our chick sales have been steadily growing, which is why we expand our company with this new hatchery. We are convinced of the laminar airflow concept and are proud to be the first Japanese broiler hatchery with modern single-stage incubators. Our priority is 'Chick Quality First' and we strongly believe that due to the HatchTech incubation solutions we will produce the best quality chicks.”

HatchTech's incubation equipment is based on laminar airflow technology. This ensures that the airflow is exactly the same throughout the machines and that the optimal temperature is provided to each egg and day-old-chick, resulting into stronger and healthier chicks.


This agreement is the result of a successful collaboration with Kyowa Machinery (Kyowa), HatchTech representative agent in Japan. Mr. Tomosue, President of Kyowa, says: “It will be the first turn-key project in Japan for us and I am excited to support this project.” Since 2018 Kyowa has been exclusively responsible for the distribution of HatchTech products in the Japanese market.

Fukuda was founded in 1931 as a layer breeding company. However, the business converted from a layer to a broiler company in 1970. It has delivered 500,000 day-old-chicks a week to broiler farms and is positioned, in size, as the 6th biggest independent hatchery in Japan. With a continuous focus on the latest technologies and best practices, Fukuda ensures it produces the best quality chicks.

“We are proud that HatchTech technology comes to Japan and keeps expanding around the globe. We are excited to work together with Fukuda and Kyowa on the project. It is great onboarding Fukuda as a customer and we are looking forward to a long-life partnership and to deliver superior chick quality in this new market,” says Marc de Visser, International Sales Manager at HatchTech.