Minhe Animal Husbandry, a poultry farm in the Shandong Province of China, is creating green energy with chicken manure in a biogas energy plant, according to reports.

The operation includes an anaerobic digester system daily consuming 300 tons of manure and 500 tons of wastewater. The biogas is fed to three 1MW Jenbacher gas engines from the U.S.'s GE Energy.

Electricity from the biogas plant supplies the farm with all its energy, and extra power is fed into the grid. The plant is expected to generate 16.8GWh of energy per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 67,000 tons annually, according to the news article. Residual material can be used as fertilizer.


Minhe produces 3.7 million chickens annually and maintains 1.5 million chickens for breeding.

The plant has been registered under the UN's clean development mechanism plan.