With 250 exhibitors, VIV Turkey, held at the Istanbul Expo Center earlier in June, and which claims to be the second biggest poultry show worldwide, was packed with exhibitors responding to the ongoing growth in Turkish poultry production.

With the exception of 2017, the Turkish poultry industry has been in continuous expansion since the start of the century. Last year, chicken production stood at 2.16 million tons, an increase of 1.4%. However, it was in turkey meat production where highest growth was recorded, with output growing by almost a third to stand at 69,536 tons, reports industry association BESD-BIR.

Turkey is now the world’s eighth largest poultry meat producer and the fifth largest exporter, coming in behind Brazil, Thailand, the U.S., European Union and Thailand. With exports valued at US$626 million, the country exports to 81 countries. However, some key markets have remained elusive for Turkish exporters, with negotiations for access being hampered to some degree by politics.


Similarly, the home market is not without its difficulties, including certain misperceptions about the benefits of poultry meat.

Per capita poultry meat consumption stood at 22 kg/ per annum last year, however, with total meat consumption below the global average, there would appear to be ample opportunity for further growth.