Hamlet Protein, industry leader in high quality vegetable protein solutions for young animals, received a delegation of Chinese industry professionals and scientists in Denmark. With Chinese pig production under strain from African Swine Fever (ASF), and rapidly changing regulations on the use of antibiotics, an exchange on nutrition and health aspects of pig feed formulation was well received by the forum of Danish and Chinese participants.

The industry is facing increasing pressure to ban the use of blood plasma and use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters. New EU regulations on the use of Zinc Oxide are closely watched by countries outside the European Union.

The experience in Europe helps international producers understand how the challenges can be addressed. Denmark is specifically well known for its efficient pig production.


With its focus on young animal production, Hamlet Protein continuously works on feed ingredients that promote healthy growth. The portfolio from Hamlet Protein can be applied in diets where the use of blood plasma, antibiotics and/or zinc oxide is restricted or prohibited.

“We appreciate the opportunity to actively interact with producers and share experiences across markets. Bringing Danish feed and protein producers together with Chinese industry professionals and academics helps with the mutual understanding of how to address global challenges in local markets,” said Erik Visser, CEO Hamlet Protein.

The Danish approach to pig production and how to overcome new challenges are renowned globally and especially in China. Currently the interest has increased due to the African Swine Fever influencing the Chinese piglet production.