BV Science is very happy to welcome Maria (Arendt) Dashek to the company in the US as technical manager, as it introduces products designed to address current poultry production challenges.

Maria will support the sales and market development, in the US, of the natural products manufactured by Vetanco SA and Dr. Bata Limited and sold in the US by BV Science. These products are now sold in 37 countries outside the US, but are just now being offered to the US poultry producers.


She will support the sales force with technical support and will manage in vivo trials demonstrating the value of products such as Gamaxine, Herbanoplex CP and Detoxa Plus.

“We are extremely pleased to have someone of Dr. Dashek’s level of expertise to help fulfill our technical needs and the technical needs of our customers,” says Dave Zacek, CEO of BV Science.