The USPOULTRY Foundation is now accepting applications from colleges and universities for the Industry Education Recruitment Funding program. The funding supports student recruitment at colleges and universities that cultivate careers in the poultry and egg industry

Any institution of higher education in the United States that does not have a poultry science department or degree, but can show conceivable ways of connecting students with the poultry and egg industry, is eligible to apply for a recruitment grant of up to $7,000. If a school offers a poultry science minor, that school may be eligible for up to $3,000 in additional funding, pending USPOULTRY Foundation Board approval.


“For the 2018-2019 year, the USPOULTRY Foundation provided student recruiting grants totaling more than $328,300 to the six U.S. universities with Poultry Science departments and 28 other institutions with industry-related programs. The Foundation’s mission is to help foster student recruitment. As we try to fulfill the human resource needs of the industry, we encourage colleges and universities across the nation to take advantage of this valuable opportunity. Apply today for funds to assist your school in recruiting young talent into your program, whether poultry or animal science, business, accounting or information technology. Our industry needs all of these diverse majors to run its operations,” said Barbara Jenkins, executive director of the USPOULTRY Foundation and vice president of education and student programs for USPOULTRY.

A committee of university and industry professionals will review funding requests and make recommendations to the USPOULTRY Foundation board of directors. Institutions may apply for a grant by completing the funding application and submitting it via email to Barbara Jenkins at or via regular mail by August 15. The application can be accessed by clicking here.