BASF has committed to a more sustainable poultry value chain as a founding member of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Poultry & Eggs (US-RSPE) and the International Poultry Welfare Alliance (IPWA).  The US-RSPE and the IPWA are initiating an effort to establish a living strategy on sustainability and animal welfare that will be anchored in science and a continuous improvement philosophy. BASF will contribute its leadership with the US-RSPE to help establish the first sustainability strategy and metrics for the US poultry and egg industry.

BASF recognizes benefit in value-chain wide sustainability approaches and sees the US-RSPE and IPWA as a substantial opportunity for the poultry and egg industry. “As a founding member, we look forward to supporting the sustainability journey of the poultry and egg industry,” said Chris Rieker, Vice President Business Management for BASF Animal Nutrition. “We will continually learn and bring our broad knowledge of science-based metrics and integrated value chain sustainability strategies to collaboratively identify and help leverage industry opportunities.”


“We are very happy to have an outstanding and committed group of founding members from across the value chain,” said Ryan Bennett, Executive Director of IPWA and US-RSPE. “This is a milestone for the poultry and egg sector to have growers, processors, integrators, allied industry, foodservice, associations and NGO’s from across the globe and the United States sitting down to discuss how they can collaborate on improving welfare and sustainability.”

BASF has had a long-standing commitment to sustainability in the animal nutrition and protein value chain from farm-to-fork.  In partnership with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, BASF led the U.S. beef industry’s first value chain life cycle study in 2013.  Additionally, BASF has had ongoing sustainability commitments and collaborations with the poultry, pork, dairy, beef and aquaculture value chains globally.